Tulips Wedding Planner

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This is an all in one wedding planner that will help you stay organized during your entire wedding journey. We give you all of the organizational tools to help you plan a perfect wedding! There are over 200 sheets included in this planner.

Choose the option that works best for you and your planning needs!

Spiral Option:

  • 9x7 in size
  • Google Drive files included
  • dividers
  • fold out seating chart
  • custom cover

Binder Option:

  • 2 inch binder 9x12 binder
  • dividers
  • custom insertable cover
  • Google Drive Files Included
  • planner dashboard
  • 5 sheet protectors
  • 2 business card pages
  • velcro pouch
  • foldout seating chart

Both options Include Google Drive Spreadsheets:

  • Automated Budget Tracker
  • Guest list spreadsheet
  • Vendor list spreadsheet
  • Delegation list spreadsheet
  • Packing list
  • Wedding day timeline