Unicorn Wedding Planner

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Being a wedding business owner for over 10 years, I myself got engaged and the 1st thing I did was look for a planner. Well, they all pretty much sucked. LOL So I made my own and used it the entire process. I have improved and tweaked it over the years and that is why it is among the top wedding planners among brides today! I knew exactly what goes into planning a wedding and the best way to do it. I have compiled information from 10 years of experience, brides, and top wedding professionals to bring you this awesome resource.

We start you out with a wedding checklist that tells you exactly what to do and when! We give you all of the organizers and guides to steer you in the right direction! It is also a planner so you can keep track of those important dates and appointments. It is also an organizer with tons of sheets to keep every area of your wedding information organized. There are tons of checklists, cheatsheets and guides to help you plan! This is the ONLY planner of its kind which s why it is a top selling product.

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These also make great engagement gifts! If you’re a bride to be – or know someone who is newly engaged This is the essential tool that every bride needs!
This planner is an actual 8.5x11 planning binder. So it holds everything you need to plan your wedding.

Also includes digital google drive files!

8.5x11 Binder
Custom Insertable Cover
planner dashboard
5 sheet protectors
2 business card pages
velcro pouch
foldout seating chart

Some pages included are:

Budget and Expenses Organizer
Appointments Organizer
Brides Guest List Organizer
Month To Do List
Daily To Do list
Weekly To Do List
Vows Organizer
Wedding Checklist
Honeymoon Planning Organizer
Florist Organizer
Wedding Dress Organizer
Vendor Organizer
Groom's Guest List Organizer
Bridesmaids Organizer
Groomsmen Organizer
Venue Organizer
Photographer Organizer
DJ/Band Organizer
Videography Organizer
Cake Organizer
Seating Chart Organizer
Bachelorette Party Organizer
Bridal Shower Organizer
Grooms Info Organizer
Caterer Organizer
Personal Checklist
Stationery Organizer
Ceremony Organizer
Reception Organizer
Guest List Organizer
Bridal Shower Gift Tracker
Wedding Gift Tracker
Stylist and Makeup Organizer
Wedding Party Organizer

Planning pages included:
vendor checklists
vendor guides
wedding timeline examples
Wedding necessities you may need
wedding favor ideas
Questions to ask your vendors
Venue cheat sheet
Top honey moon destinations
tipping guide
Table and Linen sizes
Getting your spouse on board
Hotel Block questionnaire
Honeymoon checklist
Guest calculation formula
projects to delegate
contract checklist
colors and themes
Budget tips and tricks
Real budget comparisons
How much alcohol you will need

and much more!