Best Amazon Wedding Favor Gifts under $1.00!

Best Amazon Wedding Favor Gifts under $1.00!

Wedding favors are one of those aspects of your wedding that you kind of need but do not want to spend a lot of money on. I personally recommend to go with something that is less than $1.50 per person. This is money saved that you could easily put toward another area of your wedding. There are many places to find cheap favors but one of the best is one of my favs, Amazon! 

1. Wedding Matches click link -($0.59 each)

Matches is something everyone can use. People will grab them and stick them in a drawer and they may actually use them one day! You can get these at very affordable prices! 

2. Wedding Mints click link ($0.14 each)

Everyone loves a good mint! After dinner it is usually the first thing people look for so you know they will get eaten! 

3. Wedding Skeleton Key bottle opener click link ($0.29)

A bottle opener is another great favor that is cheap and easy and everyone can use. Guests typically will not throw away a bottle opener and will actually use it. 


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