The Wedding Processional Order Guide

The Wedding Processional Order Guide

processional order

processional order guide

Most brides focus on their walk down the aisle but when you are planning out your wedding program you realize this is something that has to be decided upon! This is very important information! This can be very confusing so it is good to have a good guide to follow. for a traditional wedding


1. The Officiant-Some brides to prefer to have their officiant already at the front of the room. If not, he is the first person that should walk down the aisle.

2. Brides Mother- Next is the brides mother, she is very important! She usually take a seat on the left side of the aisle.

3. Grooms Mother- Next is the grooms mother and father. They are very important too! They come down the aisle and have a seat to the right of the aisle.

4. Grandparents- The grandparents are usually next and always follow the parents.

5. Groomsmen-Next the groomsman make their way down the aisle one by one and are left standing in front facing the audience. The best man can enter with the groom or come very last.

6. Bridesmaids- The bridesmaids are next down the aisle and they are also to stand in front. The maid and matron of honor enter last.

7. Flower Girls and Ring Bearers- These little cuties are usually the highlight of the processional! They come down the aisle and stand in front or they can be seated on the first row.


ring bearers

8. Father of the Bride- The Brides father escorts her down the aisle and this is the show stopper! Many won't be focused on him but he is a very important part of the processional.

So there you have it! You can't go wrong if you follow this quick guide! Be sure to download the PDF for a great visual! Good luck!

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