Which shapewear will work best with your wedding dress?

Which shapewear will work best with your wedding dress?

First find a good bra! Nothing ruins a great wedding dress more than wearing the wrong bra!

Want to make sure the bra you like will actually fit as if it were made just for you? Do the “two-finger” check. Try sliding two fingers underneath the band on its loosest hook, if it slides through while still holding your girls in place, then that’s the bra for you.

Here are a few tips on finding goo shape wear. Be sure to also download the free guide for more in depth tips! 

Next choose your shape wear, be sure to select something that compliments the dress you are wearing. 

  •  For ball gowns go with a high waisted short so that it pulls in the waist.
  •  For mermaid style gowns go with a one piece shape wear with the built in bra. This will pull in everything and leave no panty lines. 
  •  Be sure to go with shape wear that does not roll! The last thing you want is your shape wear rolling down and you have a bulge or your pulling at it in your wedding photos! 

In this free guide we will provide you with the best type of shape wear and the top brands to choose from! 



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